Over 50s Friday!

Over 50s Friday! Blessed brothers. Bishop T.D. Jakes with his wife Serita Ann Jakes; and Reverend Jesse Jackson with his wife Jacqueline Brown. If you’re over 50 and looking for love, join www.dates4us.com today. #MatureLove

Married men Monday!

Married men Monday! Reggae boys: Jah Cure with his wife Kamila McDonald; and Wayne Marshall with his wife Tami Chynn. Fellas, if you’re looking for your own empress, join www.dates4us.com today.

Married men Monday:

Married men Monday: boxing heroes. Mike Tyson with his wife Lakiha Spicer; and Lennox Lewis with his wife Violet Chang. Find your romantic sparring partner by joining www.dates4us.com

Married men Monday!

Married men Monday! Today, we’re celebrating the joy of marriage and saluting a few famous fellas who have undertaken the union. First up, brothers on the big screen: Omar Epps with his wife Keisha Epps; and Terry Crews with his wife Rebecca King-Crews. ‪#‎MarriedMenMonday‬

Is it hard for a man to stay in love?

Fellas, do you agree with this sentiment from Kirk Franklin? The gospel star, who turns 45 today, recently wrote a blog in which he honoured his wife of 19 years, Tammy Franklin, and shared his thoughts on marriage. Do you agree that it takes a lot for man to stay in love? Share your thoughts….

Who says love fizzles out over 50?

Actress and choreographer Debbie Allen, who celebrates her 65th birthday today, has been married to former basketball player Norm Nixon since 1984 and the couple are still going strong. If you’re over 50 and looking for new love, join http://www.dates4us.com today and search our over 50s avenue to find thousands of likeminded folks looking for…

You want sex more often than your partner: what would you do?

Three brave couples recently revealed the impact their mismatched libidos are having on their relationships. In an article recently published by the Daily Mail, three married couples admitted they face a challenge in their relationship, resulting from their differing sex drives.   Stacey Powell said his wife of 12 years, Vanessa rarely responded positively to…

Could you be with someone famous?

Married men Monday! Snoop Dogg, pictured with his wife Shante, celebrates his 43rd birthday today. The couple have been through their trials and tribulations but remain united after 17 years of marriage. We want to know: Could you handle a relationship with someone famous or someone who courted attention everywhere they went? Tell us your…

Birthday boys: married men Monday

Married men Monday: birthday boys! Actor Blair Underwood, who is 50 today, with his wife Desiree DaCosta; and actor/comedian Kel Mitchell, who is 36 today, with his wife Asia Lee. If you’re looking for your own ideal partner, join http://www.dates4us.com today.

Sitcom stars: married men Monday

Married men Monday! Sitcom stars: Duane Martin, who celebrates his 49th birthday today, with his wife Tisha Campbell-Martin; and David Adkins, better known as Sinbad, with his wife Meredith Adkins. If you’re looking for your own perfect partner, join http://www.dates4us.com today.