Should Christian leaders be ‘holier than thou’?

Televangelist and gospel singer Juanita Bynum has made no secret of the life she led before she found “purpose and destiny” through Christ.   The celebrated speaker, who celebrates her 57th birthday today, documented her one-time sexual exploits in her 1998 book No More Sheets: The Truth About Sex. And in 2012, Bynum gave a…

Is it hard for a man to stay in love?

Fellas, do you agree with this sentiment from Kirk Franklin? The gospel star, who turns 45 today, recently wrote a blog in which he honoured his wife of 19 years, Tammy Franklin, and shared his thoughts on marriage. Do you agree that it takes a lot for man to stay in love? Share your thoughts….

RIP Andraé Crouch

Saluting gospel legend Andraé Crouch, who has died at the age of 72. May he rest in peace and may his musical legacy live on.

Personal glory vs. God’s glory: Can the two mix?

Gospel star Kirk Franklin (pictured below) recently took to Twitter to reveal his reservations about recording a new album. The 44-year-old Hosanna hitmaker, who released his last album Hello Fear in 2011, said he was struggling to decide whether his motivation for making a new record was to reach lost souls or gain further popularity….