Women feel sexually liberated by menopause?

A new survey reveals that the majority of women develop a greater sense of sexual freedom post-menopause




A new survey has revealed that the majority of women feel sexually liberated and are more active after going through menopause.




In addition, married women start thinking about taking on lovers after they experience ‘the change’.


The survey conducted by dating site Victoria Milan, asked 3,589 of its female members about their sex lives after menopause; whether it had improved or, as nearly 80% of women feared, whether they were less sexually active.



The results revealed that 7 out of every 10 women had the same or heightened, levels of sexual desire. Removing the risk of an unwanted pregnancy led 72% to say they felt liberated and could enjoy sex more freely.




In addition, almost half who were surveyed said sex with their partner wasn’t great, and their newfound sexual freedom led to 63% toying with the idea of taking a lover.




The misconception that women’s sex drive dries up after menopause is explained by more than 80% of the women surveyed saying they tend to hide their increased sexual appetite for fear of being judged in a negative way.




Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said: “This survey shows menopause should only be viewed in a positive way: no more cramps, no risk of pregnancy and according to our members, a higher sex drive.


He added: “From the data we’ve obtained, it seems going through menopause is the best thing that can happen to a woman’s sex life.”


Ladies, can any of you relate to this? Did you or any woman you know experience a higher sex drive post menopause? Fellas, did your lady’s libido sky-rocket after experiencing ‘the change’? Tell us your thoughts!


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