Looks vs. libido

Could you date someone you didn’t find attractive but you knew was great in bed?

Shabba Ranks (below), who celebrates his 49th birthday today, has long been ridiculed for his looks, with many dubbing the dancehall star unattractive.


Shabba’s looks were perhaps most famously teased by US comedy actor Marlon Wayans, who parodied the deejay’s signature song Mr Loverman in a spoof video entitled Mr Ugly Man (screenshot below).

Marlon as Shabba

But despite the ridicule about his physical appearance, Shabba, pictured below with his wife Michelle Gordon, is more than confident about his sexual prowess, if his lyrics are anything to go by.


Shabba Michelle

“If it’s loving you’re looking for, you buck up on the right man,” he states on Mr Loverman.


And an even greater self-declaration of his skills can be heard on his hit Wicked Inna Bed, in which he says: “All the girls go tell the world that I am wicked in bed.”

It got us thinking: Could you date someone you didn’t find physically attractive but was undoubtedly skilled in bed?

To clarify: The person doesn’t repulse you; you just don’t find them particularly attractive to look at. But you know they’ll satisfy your sexual needs. Would you date them? Tell us your thoughts!

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Shabba Ranks: Mr Loverman

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Well obviously it worked for he has a wife…LOL

  2. I think the connection is more important any day than looks though

  3. Tahasha Freeman says:

    I like Shabbas features. He has thick full lips so theres much to kiss. His jaw is so strong & masculine that not even a professional boxer could break it. His nose and eyes are perfect. Hes smooth dark chocolate. I like all of his features. I could go on and on.

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