Could you date a man who wore skirts?

And fellas, could you date a woman who donned men’s clothing?

Will Smith’s 17-year-old son Jaden was recently announced as the new face of Louis Vuitton’s womenswear collection.

Jaden LV

In the new ad campaign for the famous fashion house, Jaden – the only male model amongst several female models – sports a metal-embroidered skirt with a fringed white top and a retro leather moto jacket.


The young actor has become known for his gender-neutral fashion sense, having worn women’s clothing on numerous occasions.


Still, the teen star being enlisted in a womenswear fashion campaign sparked unsurprising conversations about typical/stereotypical gender images, and whether a man wearing women’s clothing, or a woman wearing men’s clothing should be deemed acceptable.


Some argue that fashion is about freedom of expression. In a recent Guardian article, a writer reasoned that Jaden “does not care what anyone thinks about what he chooses to wear,” and added: “This is something the vast majority of us could learn from.”


Of course, it’s not just a men’s issue, with many women also opting for an androgynous – read ‘typically male’ – image.


Songstress Janelle Monae (below) and model/actress Ruby Rose are two examples of high profile women who have defied gender stereotypes when it comes to fashion, often donning what would be typically considered menswear.

Janelle Monae

It got us thinking: Where do you stand on this issue?


Ladies, if you were interested in a man, who boasted all the stereotypical ‘manly man’ qualities – but he felt comfortable wearing skirts from time to time, would that be an issue?


And guys, what if a woman you liked had a free-thinking fashion sense and enjoyed donning menswear every now and again – would it bother you?


Tell us what you think!


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