New Year, New Love

So another year has passed and you weren’t able to tick off ‘find love’ on your to-do list.

To do

Maybe you spent the last 12 months focusing on other endeavours and romance wasn’t a priority for you. Or perhaps 2015 spelled the end of a relationship.

Well guess what? A new year has begun and it’s the perfect time to get proactive and kick-start new relationship by joining



With people juggling work, family and generally hectic schedules, online dating has steadily become a primary source for busy singles looking for love. Why trawl bars or nightclubs to find a mate, or rely on friends to set you up with yet another person who they insist is “just right for you”?

By joining, you’ll join thousands of black and mixed race singles, who, like you, are seeking love or friendship.


Look for love

You don’t have to be coy about your desire to find a partner who is the same race as you or who shares your race and cultural interests, because at Dates4Us, we’re dedicated to helping black and mixed race singles in their quest to find their ideal partner.

And now, with the launch of our new avenue, black and mixed race Christian singles also have a place to find new love. Because when it comes to finding love, we believe – as the saying goes – that ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves.’



Also recognising the needs of the more mature singleton, Dates4Us also features an avenue for Over 50s. Because, of course, love has no age limit.


Over 50

So if it’s your desire to embark on a new relationship, let the New Year inspire you to kick-start new romance by joining Dates4Us. New love could be waiting for you!

Start 2016 with new romance by joining or today. Happy New Year from the Dates4Us team.

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