Searching for your matches with couldn’t be simpler. With experience in online dating, our search functions have been created specifically to help you find the kinds of matches you’re looking for.


Before you start your search, consider what is a deal-maker or breaker for you, and what you’re willing to compromise on. Perhaps dating someone who holds similar aspirations for the future is essential for you? Maybe you could never date someone who smokes? But could you put up with someone who listens to Will Young if you really liked the person?

However, it’s important that you approach online dating with an open mind. While certain personality types or physical attributes may be your usual preference, enter the world of online dating with a willingness to date someone outside your classic ‘type’ and you could be in for a nice surprise.


While it’s good to consider dating people with different personality traits, you may still want to specify certain key attributes, for example if you want to meet someone of a similar age or a maximum height. Using the advanced search option, you can select your desired height, body type, age etc to narrow your search to those who you think may be most suited to you.


Understandably, you might just like to date people in your local area, which is why we set our UK members away from our US members. If you want to, you can further refine your search so that we only deliver potential dating partners who live within easy reach of your chosen location.

Whatever you’re looking for, as the UK’s best known black dating site, we’re sure you’ll find it on Start dating today. 

Words by the match team

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