5 Types Of Men All Women Want

Every now and then, girls will take look back over our dating past and wonder how we could have even considered certain completely incompatible individuals. But that’s the beauty of attraction. It’s not about whether he’s right for us or not. In fact, sometimes we can barely see beyond the force of attraction, but there are just certain types of men all women can’t help but be drawn to…

1. Gym lover Johnny


It’s no secret that real women like real men. Real, manly men. And they don’t come much manlier than Gym lover Johnny. Is it his rippling torso? Or those strong, protective arms? Who knows? Who cares!? All we do know is, his super masculinity makes us feel, I guess, feminine? Yes, we may have spent all day singing about being an independent woman, but in the end, we’d all quite like a Gym lover Johnny just to take care of us. Just once in a while.

2. Flirty Felix


Also known as the ever elusive “player”, Flirty Felix is just the type of man we shouldn’t be attracted to, but unfortunately are. He has talking to females down to a fine art and knows just how to make any woman feel special. The only problem is, even a hint of attention from him and we tend to forget that we’re just one in a long line of girls that Flirty Felix has worked his magic on that month… that week… OK, that DAY.

3. Power Paul


He’s not necessarily attractive in an conventional physical way, but there’s just something about the powerful, older man that we feel a strange attraction to. Often a bit of a silver fox, Power Paul is successful, experienced and well established. Think Obama or your own boss, it’s all in the power.

4. Bad Barrington


Who doesn’t love a challenge? And we all think we’re up to the challenge of taming Bad Barrington. The rebellious type all his life, he’s the one your mother warned you about but the attraction to Bad Barrington is about wanting what you know you’ll never have. He’s the master of mixed signals and although there will always be that undeniable attraction, we know deep down that Bad Barrington can never be tamed.

5. Tatted-Up Trevor


He has tattoos. Lots of tattoos. He has a beard. He’s masculine. He’s cool. He’s edgy. He has style. He has depth… need I go on? It may just be a fact of life, Tatted-Up Todd is attractive.

The end.

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