What Would You Do For Love?


What would you do for love?

They say love sometimes requires sacrifice. But what would you be willing to give up for the sake of your relationship?

Take a look at our five scenarios – would you do any of these for love?

Relocate to a different country

Image 2-relocate

Your partner of two years is offered a fantastic job overseas and wants you to relocate with him/her. Would you go?

Have children

Image 3-have children

You’ve always been unsure about having children, but your partner of five years really wants to start a family with you. Would you do it?

Donate an organ

Image 4-Donate an organ

You’ve been with your partner for just over a year and he/she becomes ill and requires a kidney transplant. You’re a match but you’re terrified of having surgery. Would you donate your kidney?

Give up your job to invest in their business dream

Image 5-Business dream

Your partner of 10 years has long had a dream to open a restaurant and you do think it’s a good idea, but you also really love your career. Would you give up your job to invest both your time and money in his/her business dream?

Disown a disapproving family member

Image 6-Disown

Ever since you started dating your partner, one of your cousins has continually made snide remarks about the fact that he/she has children from a previous relationship. You’ve been together for three years and you’re planning on getting married, but your cousin – much to the annoyance of both you and your partner – keeps insisting you can do better. Would you cut ties with your cousin and put your relationship first?

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