Thou shalt not judge?

Could you overlook the ‘flaws’ of a potential partner in order to pursue love? We know from Biblical teachings that we should “judge not, and ye shall not be judged” (Luke 6:37). But how easy is it to put that into practice when it comes to finding love?     We all have standards and…

What do men and women want?

Comedic anecdotes from US funnyman Chris Rock, who celebrates his 50th birthday today. He made his remarks in jest, but do you think there’s any truth in his observations? Tell us what you think! And remember: if you want to enjoy a new relationship, join today!

Saluting Bob Marley at 70!

Romantic lyrics from the hit song Baby We’ve Got a Date (Rock It Baby) by reggae legend Bob Marley, who would have been 70 today. Remember: If you’re single and want to enjoy a date, join today!

When love meets major hurdles

Throwback Thursday: An image from the classic 1964 film Nothing But A Man, which examined the difficulties faced by Ivan and his wife Josie in America’s racist south in the 1960s. Have you ever been in a relationship that buckled under the pressure of societal problems like a lack of income, challenges at work or…