Guys: would you ditch your girlfriend for a car?

New survey claims that plenty of men think cars are ‘less complicated’ than women!

Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is fast approaching, but apparently, a host of men aren’t in romantic mode, claiming that they would ditch their girlfriends for a car!

Carmudi, online specialists for buying and selling cars, conducted an extensive survey across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, in order to find out what cars men would ditch their girlfriends for.

Take a look at how men from the Motherland voted:





Ivory Coast




Of the Honda CR-V (below), one man commented: “The CR-V is probably a lot less complicated compared to a girl!”



Celebrating the BMW 3 Series (below), one surveyed man said: “Would totally ditch a gf [girlfriend], this car is a babe magnet!”



Meanwhile, another man praised the Toyota Corolla (below), saying: The Corolla would be easier to handle than my girlfriend.”



And one cheeky chap was so in awe of the Ferrari (below), he commented: “The Ferrari is such a beautiful car and unlike a girl, it can’t talk!”



Fellas, we know you don’t all think like that. And ladies, we know you’re far more valuable than any vehicle!

But tell us, ladies and gents: have you encountered anyone – male or female – who placed a greater value on their car, or any other material possession, than their partner? Share your experiences!

If you’re looking for a new partner – who will consider you more valuable than any of their possessions – join today!

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