Thou shalt not judge?

Could you overlook the ‘flaws’ of a potential partner in order to pursue love?

We know from Biblical teachings that we should “judge not, and ye shall not be judged” (Luke 6:37). But how easy is it to put that into practice when it comes to finding love?




We all have standards and preferences when looking for a partner, which got us thinking: What are some of yours?

Are any of the points in our list important factors for you in a potential spouse – and would you consider relaxing your views if you believed it could be true love? Have a read and tell us what you think…

Looks aren’t everything?

Mr Frazier 


You meet someone new and you get on really well, but they’re not really your ‘type’ when it comes to looks. Worse still, you show your best friend a picture of your new mate and, let’s just say, your friend struggles to be complimentary about his/her looks. Could you look past appearances to pursue potential romance?



Tall (or small) order



Ladies, you want a man that’s taller than you. Fellas, you don’t want to be shorter than your lady. You meet someone new – but they don’t meet that criteria. You share similar interests and you have a good laugh when you’re together, but you feel very uncomfortable that you and your new mate are considerably mismatched in height. Do you stay or do you go?



Money, money, money


You’ve always worked hard, you’re driven by the opportunity to make money and as a result, you’re financially comfortable. You’re not obsessed with cash, but you always wanted to have the financial means to live a good life and give your future children the best start. Your potential new love earns considerably less money than you; isn’t overly concerned about making money; and spends his/her spare performing poetry at spoken word events – with the hope of one day becoming a professional poet. You love his/her creative spirit, but wonder if your ideologies will gel long term. Would you still pursue a relationship?


Child’s play

Child's play 


This new partner has a great personality and treats you wonderfully – but he/she has children. To be more precise, they have two troubled children, who have been volatile ever since their parents divorced two years ago. You don’t mind that your new mate is a divorcee, but his/her children require a lot of his/her attention and you’re not sure if you want to play step-parent to these kids. But what you do know is that you’re really into this partner. What would you do?



Spiritual warfare



Your new mate walks with God, talks with God and is just the type of faithful friend you could see yourself being with long term. But he/she goes to the church you left over a year ago after you had a serious falling out with the choir director, Sister Joyce. Turns out, Sister Joyce is your new mate’s actual sister! You really see future in this relationship, but shudder at the thought of seeing Sister Joyce at family events. What would you do?

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