Have you written love letters?

The late R&B star Aaliyah, who would have been 36 today, scored success with her 1997 hit Four Page Letter, in which she sung about penning a letter to her love interest. Have you ever written a letter to someone you desired because you were too shy to talk to them in person? Or have…

Remember those rub-a-dub moves?

Throwback Thursday! Who remembers them old school house parties, where couples would demonstrate those up close and personal, rub off the wallpaper dance moves? If so, do you miss those good old days? Share your memories! And don’t forget: If you’re over 50 and want to revive the rub-a-dub with a new love, join http://www.dates4us.com…

Choose love today

An inspiring sentiment from Martin Luther King Jr, who would have been 86 today. #ThursdayThought #ChooseLove ❤

Lip licking: sexy or sickly?

Hip-hop star LL Cool J, who celebrates his 47th birthday today, is famed for his lip licking. The signature move from the Doin’ It hitmaker is loved by many a lady – but loathed by others. Folks, where do you stand on lip licking? Do you find a man/woman sensually licking their lips sexy or…

Choose optimism today

An inspiring quote from screenwriter, director and producer Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal), who celebrates her 45th birthday today. If you’re cynical about finding new love, switch to optimism and join http://www.dates4us.com today. New love could be waiting for you.

What makes someone ‘undateable’?

The popular TV show The Undateables recently returned to Channel 4 for a fourth series.   Featuring a number of people (pictured above) with restrictive conditions such as autism and Aperts syndrome, the programme follows the participants’ quests to find love – and the difficulty they face in doing so when some consider them ‘undateable’….

Monday fun: Name that tune!

Can you name the song these lyrics are taken from, and the artist who sings it? Here are some clues: Released in the UK in 2001, it was the debut single from the artist in question and went on to become a firm favourite for R&B lovers. A short and sweet track at just under…

Real love: Mary J. Blige on marriage – do you agree?

An honest sentiment on marriage from Mary J. Blige, who celebrates her 44th birthday today. The R&B star wed Kendu Isaacs in 2003. Do you agree with her that couples should strive to better themselves for each other? Or should marriage be a case of ‘take me as I am’? Tell us your thoughts. And…

What physical feature does it for you?

No likey, no lighty! Inspired by ITV1’s hit Saturday night hit show Take Me Out, we want to know: What physical feature instantly attracts you to a man/woman? Tell us your thoughts! And remember: If you’re looking for your ideal partner, join http://www.dates4us.com today.

RIP Andraé Crouch

Saluting gospel legend Andraé Crouch, who has died at the age of 72. May he rest in peace and may his musical legacy live on.