Tis the season to get naughty…

Dates4Us diversifies with Naughty Dates4Us – an online hub for black and mixed race singles who simply want to enjoy a casual liaison

Many of us dream of meeting that special someone and living happily ever after – but many of us don’t.

Plenty of people aren’t interested in finding Mr/Miss Right – they simply want to find Mr/Miss Right Now and enjoy a casual liaison with no strings attached.



Recognising that not everyone is after the commitment that a serious relationship requires, Dates4Us has launched www.naughtydates4us.co.uk ­– a new online hub for black and mixed race singles seeking carefree fun with a like-minded mate.



Attempting to strike up such a relationship outside the online world can have its challenges. Guys: you meet a girl in a bar, you hit it off – but how do you state your intentions without possibly causing offence?



And ladies: with the sexist aspersions that are often cast on women who are sexually liberated, how do you seek a casual connection without risking judgement?

Naughty Dates4Us eliminates the red tape of dating. Dismissing the social taboos surrounding the issue of sex on the first date, Naughty Dates4Us allows members to chat, hook up and get straight to the point.



Join for free today and join thousands of black and mixed raced singles who, like you, are looking for hassle free fun.

If you’re looking for carefree fun with a like-minded mate, join www.naughtydates4us.com today.

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