Single, black, Christian and looking for love?

Dates4Us diversifies with the launch of

“There‎ are online dating sites that that cater for single Christians, but on those sites, black singles tend to be few and far between.”

It was this, and several ‎similar sentiments shared with the Dates4Us team that made us aware there was a niche in the online dating market. And so was born.


“With thousands of black Christians living in the UK – many of whom are single – launching an online dating site specifically ‎for this community made perfect sense,” says company founder Leon James.

The often disproportionate ratio of women to men in church congregations, and a lack of potential suitors in church due to attendees seeing the same faces‎ at service every Sunday‎, are just two challenges facing single Christians who are seeking a relationship.


Recognising the challenges many Christians – particularly black Christians ­– face when it comes to finding ‎love was key in launching Christian Dates4Us.

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee

“We know from both research and the experiences of family and friends that finding a relationship can be challenging for Christians,” says James.

“The desire to find a partner who shares your faith is one thing. But finding a partner who shares your faith, your race and the same or similar cultural values, narrows down the options, particularly as the black community is a minority community in Britain.

“We essentially‎ want Christian Dates4Us to be an online hub for single black and mixed race Christians here in the UK, who are looking for a relationship.”

Looking for love

Despite finding this niche, ‎James is all too aware that online dating is still somewhat of a taboo for some Christians.

“We know some Christians are cautious about online dating, but we also know there are many who believe in being proactive when it comes to obtaining the things they want – in this case, love,” James says.

Heaven helps

“There’s that old saying ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’ and we know there are many Christians who adopt that principal when it comes to seeking romance. So we hope those people will join Christian Dates4Us, whether they’re seeking love or friendship.

“And for those who are unsure, we’d say give it a go. A partner who shares your faith and cultural values could be just a few clicks away!”


If you’re a Christian seeking love, join‎ today.

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