Your child, your ex and a new love: how do you make it work?

Halle Berry recently took her ex to court, alleging he is trying to make their daughter appear less black.

The Oscar-winning actress claimed that her former partner, Gabriel Aubry (below, right), straightened their six-year-old daughter Nahla’s hair and lightened it in a bid to make her look white.

Halle Gabriel

“I continue to hope that Gabriel and I can find a way to work together to be successful co-parents,” said Berry, who is now married to French actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she has a one-year-old son.

“It was with regret that I concluded that I had to seek the court’s intervention on these issues, but until Gabriel recognises the meaning of joint legal custody and how it is implemented, it appears that the court will be my only resort to safeguard Nahla’s best interests.”

Details of Berry and Aubry’s rocky relationship have made news since the couple’s split in 2010.


Baby father drama

It was revealed in 2012 that the Monster’s Ball actress had been ordered to pay her ex $20,000 a month in child support – a sum that Berry is seeking to decrease.

The former couple were also in dispute as Aubry was reportedly unhappy with Berry’s plans to move to France with Nahla and her new husband Martinez (pictured below with Berry and Nahla).


Halle Olivier 2

The Berry-Aubry saga got us thinking about the complexities of parenting when a relationship comes to an end – and also when a new one begins.

Single parents: If/when you embark on a new relationship, would you want your new partner to play a parental role in your child’s life?


Single dad

If your ex and your new partner had different ideas about how best to raise your child/children, what would you do?

Have you found it challenging to embark on a new relationship because you have a difficult relationship with your child/children’s mother/father? Share your stories with us.

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