Your friend is cheating: do you keep their secret?

It’s an unenviable position to find yourself in, causing a horrible moral dilemma:

Your friend is cheating on their partner and you know the partner. Do you tell said partner that they are being betrayed?



Many people are in this very situation and according to a new survey, the majority of them would not reveal the infidelity, instead opting to keep their friend’s secret.


Man secret

Over 6,500 people were polled by social networking site Victoria Milan and over 70% of those surveyed said they know their friend is cheating on their partner.

Of those people, 83% said they know their friend’s partner, yet a whopping 96% said they wouldn’t betray their friend’s trust by revealing the affair.

Asked for the reason they would keep their friend’s affair a secret, 34% said they wouldn’t want to destroy their friend’s relationship, 30% said they wouldn’t want to be exposed in such a way; 23% said they’d want to cover for their cheating friend and 13% felt they just shouldn’t get involved.


Friend cheating

Would you tell your friend’s partner if your friend was cheating on them?

What if both the cheater and the cheated on were good friends of yours? Who would your loyalty lie with? Tell us your thoughts.


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