Top 10 mistakes cheating men make

It could either be considered the Holy Grail for wannabe male cheats or the go-to guide for women who suspect their partner might be playing away.

Either way, a new list has been compiled, charting the top 10 mistakes novice male cheaters make.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, behaving mysteriously with their smartphone is at the top of the list, while going out with friends more often and avoiding time at home is the second most popular mistake cheaters make.

After surveying 8,452 ‘expert’ male cheaters to obtain their top tips for maintaining an affair, social networking site Victoria Milan discovered the 10 mistakes that are most likely to give the game away for male adulterers. Here are the findings in full:

1. Behaving mysteriously and secretively with your smartphone – 19%


2. Going out with friends more often and avoiding time at home – 16%

3. Showing extreme tenderness but making excuses to avoid sex – 15%

4. Spending noticeable amounts of money with no explanation – 13%


5. Becoming more interested in your appearance – 11%

6. Refusing to answer simple questions like where you have been, how work is going, or how you are feeling – 9%

7. Showing a sudden interest in new topics and new tastes  – 5%

New interest

8. Claiming you’re working later hours than normal – 5%

9. Caring less about things that really used to bother you a lot (for example; losing interest in problems within the relationship like lack of communication, quality time etc.) – 4%

10. Taking offense when your partner accuses you of lying – 3%


Ladies, would this survey make you look out for any of these signs in your partner or do you think these findings are a load of nonsense? And guys, what do you make of this survey? Tell us what you think!


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