Faith and fidelity: UK cheaters believe God forgives affairs

The Bible says: “The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving” (Daniel 9:9). And it seems that most British cheaters believe this to be true.

In a bid to examine the correlation between faith and infidelity, social network Victoria Milan surveyed over 2,500 cheaters in the UK, asking them if they believe that God forgives extramarital affairs, if it’s done for a good cause.

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Though it’s unclear what those surveyed consider to be a “good cause” for their infidelity, a whopping 73% said they do believe God forgives adultery.

However, it would seem the surveyed cheaters believe God’s forgiveness comes automatically, as only 39% of them said they pray to God to seek redemption for their infidelity; and only 29% of the participants felt they would be “more religious” if they stopped cheating.


Finally, the survey asked the participants whether they felt it was more important to be forgiven by God or by their partner – 43% said it was more important to be forgiven by God, while 57% felt their partner’s forgiveness was more important.


What do you make of this survey and its findings? Tell us your thoughts.

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