Why do men cheat?

It has been the source of many a relationship-inspired conversation. And now, a new survey seeks to offer some answers to that universal question: why do men cheat?

In a recent survey conducted by social networking site Victoria Milan, over 11,500 cheating men were asked to reveal exactly what it is about women that drives them to be unfaithful.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top answer given was a lack of sexual appetite in their partner.

No sex

The second most popular answer was women starting arguments for no reason, while the third was ladies limiting their partner’s freedom.

“Men are tired of hearing excuses from their partner to avoid sex,” said company founder Sigurd Vedal.

“Whether the reason is legitimate or not, the majority of men believe the best way to smoothing things over is by having sex. What better cure for a headache than a bit of bedroom fun? If men don’t get it from their partners, of course they’ll start looking elsewhere.”


Other reasons men gave to justify their cheating included women being high maintenance, not experimenting in bed, jealousy and being dramatic and sensitive.

See the top 10 reasons men gave for being unfaithful below:

1. She has little appetite for sex – 24%

Do not enter

2. She starts arguments for no reason – 18%


3. She’s limiting my freedom – 15%

No freedom

4. She requires maximum attention all the time – 12%

Attention seeker

5. She doesn’t experiment in bed; our sex is boring  – 9%


6. She’s extremely jealous – 8%


7. Her premenstrual syndrome moods swings are awful – 6%


8. She takes everything as an insult and is very dramatic – 5%


9. She doesn’t say what she wants, but complains when she’s not happy – 2%

Not happy2

10. She constantly talks about other men – 1%

Talks about other men

What do you make of these finings? Tell us what you think!


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