Forbidden fruit: Have you ever fancied your best friend’s partner?

We always want what we can’t have – or so the saying goes. And according to a new survey, 65% of cheating women are attracted to their best friend’s husband.

Not content with being unfaithful to their own spouse with a stranger, this large percentage of women admitted that they liked the idea of having an affair much closer to home – specifically with their best friend’s partner.

Social network Victoria Milan – a controversial site for people who want to cheat ­– asked over 19,000 of its cheating female members if they would they change their husband for their best friend’s spouse, and how far they would go with their best friend’s husband.

Forbidden fruit

Forbidden fruit: have you ever been attracted to a friend’s partner?

Site founder Sigurd Vedal says the results supported the notion that the grass is always greener on the other side.

“65% of women desire their best friend’s husband,” Vedal said. “72% would like to act on their impulses, but would never actually go through with the fantasy – only 18% say they would venture into flirting territory.”


 Temptation: But most of the women surveyed said they would never act on their attraction to a friend’s partner

He added: “Most women would view an affair with their best friend’s husband as high risk, and their friendships are too important to them.”

What do you make of these findings? And have you ever been attracted to your best friend’s partner? Tell us your thoughts!

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