Case of the ex: what would you do?

R&B songstress Mya (below), who celebrated her birthday earlier this month, examined this very situation in her 2000 hit Case of the Ex. It got us thinking: what would you do in the following scenario?


You’ve been with your partner for three months and things are going well. But your nose is put out of joint when, out of the blue, your partner’s ex starts calling him/her, suggesting they meet up.

Ex calling

You hear your partner tell his/her old beau that he/she is happy in a new relationship – but the ex won’t seem to get the hint, continually calling and texting your partner in what seems to be an attempt to win him/her back.

In addition, though you trust your partner, it seems to you that he/she is occasionally flattered to receive the ex’s attention, while at other times he/she appears to find the whole thing quite funny.

Ex texting

We want to know, what would you do? Are you the type that would take matters into your own hands and call the ex yourself to put them in their place? Would you stay out of it and let your partner deal with the situation?

Or would you choose a completely different course of action? And if so, what would it be? Tell us your thoughts!

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