Name that tune!

Monday fun! Can you name the song these lyrics are taken from?


Your clues:

1. It was released in 1964 and was an international smash hit for the Jamaican-born artist who sang it.

2. It helped to bring ska music to international prominence.

3. It is widely regarded as the first major hit for the now world famous record label Island Records.

Have you got it?

It is, of course, My Boy Lollipop (video at the bottom of the page) by Millie Small (below), who celebrates her 68th birthday today.


The song was originally released by US singer Barbie Gaye in 1956.

But it wasn’t until eight years later that 18-year-old singer Millicent Dolly May Small, under the guidance of Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, scored a smash hit with her high-energy ska version of the track.


The song was a huge hit in both the UK charts and the US Billboard charts and with the song’s success, Small went on to be regarded as Jamaica’s first female international star.

She went on to record further hit singles, Sweet William and Bloodshot Eyes, and embarked on tours across Europe and Asia before returning to the UK, where she currently resides.

But it was undoubtedly My Boy Lollipop – a feel-good song that saw Small sweetly cooing to her love interest, “you make my heart go giddy-up” – that earned the singer international acclaim.

© Howard Grey

Here’s wishing the Jamaican star a very happy birthday.

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