Faith and fidelity: UK cheaters believe God forgives affairs

The Bible says: “The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving” (Daniel 9:9). And it seems that most British cheaters believe this to be true. In a bid to examine the correlation between faith and infidelity, social network Victoria Milan surveyed over 2,500 cheaters in the UK, asking them if they believe that God forgives…

The definition of beauty

Thoughts on beauty from the late actress Ruby Dee, who would have been 92 today. How do you define a beautiful person? Is it about physical attributes or something deeper? Tell us what you think. And remember, if you’re looking to start a beautiful romance, join today.

Under anointing!

Sunday funny! For all church-goers, here’s hoping you haven’t witnessed such a scene in your place of worship! And remember, if you’re a Christian looking for love, join

Personal glory vs. God’s glory: Can the two mix?

Gospel star Kirk Franklin (pictured below) recently took to Twitter to reveal his reservations about recording a new album. The 44-year-old Hosanna hitmaker, who released his last album Hello Fear in 2011, said he was struggling to decide whether his motivation for making a new record was to reach lost souls or gain further popularity….

Are you a single Christian looking for love?

Dates4Us diversifies by launching a new online dating site dedicated to Christian singles You’re a Christian, you’re single and you’d love to embark on a new relationship. You see the same faces at church every Sunday; you’ve yet to find anyone suitable at the numerous events and conventions you’ve attended; and that friend of yours…

Best you ever had?

US rapper/singer Drake (pictured), who celebrates his birthday today, scored success with his hit Best I Ever Had. It got us thinking: Is there a sexual encounter you experienced that you consider the best you ever had? What was great about it? Tell us your thoughts! And remember: if you’re after a casual connection with…

Why do men cheat?

It has been the source of many a relationship-inspired conversation. And now, a new survey seeks to offer some answers to that universal question: why do men cheat? In a recent survey conducted by social networking site Victoria Milan, over 11,500 cheating men were asked to reveal exactly what it is about women that drives…

Amber vs. Kim: battle of the birthday girls!

Battle of the birthday girls! Amber Rose is 31 today and Kim Kardashian is 34. Another similarity the ladies share is their taste in men; Amber once dated Kanye West, while Kim is now married to the rapper. We want to know, which pair do you think make the cutest couple? Tell us what you…

Could you be with someone famous?

Married men Monday! Snoop Dogg, pictured with his wife Shante, celebrates his 43rd birthday today. The couple have been through their trials and tribulations but remain united after 17 years of marriage. We want to know: Could you handle a relationship with someone famous or someone who courted attention everywhere they went? Tell us your…

RIP John Holt

RIP John Holt. Enjoy this classic love song from the reggae legend, who died in London yesterday (October 19). May his musical legacy live on forever.

A fresh start in love

It’s a plan of action many of us know all too well. A straightforward sentiment from reggae star Peter Tosh, who would have been 70 today. If you want to enjoy your own new beginning in love, join today.