How trusting are you?

Today (September 19) marks the UK cinema release of the highly anticipated new film, Think Like A Man Too. As such, each day this week, we’ve posed a question inspired by the relationship-based comedy. Here is your fifth and final dilemma.

Dilemma five: How trusting are you?

You’ve been in your relationship for just under a year and things are going well. One evening, your partner tells you they’ll be heading to Las Vegas in a month for their best friend’s hen/stag do.


The girls have a wild Las Vegas hen night in Think Like A Man Too 

You know your partner’s best friend and you were a little surprised when you discovered they were getting married, as they’d always been pretty loose when it came to the opposite sex.

Additionally, several of the other friends going on the hen/stag trip are all single and you have no doubt in your mind they’ll be using the trip as an opportunity to get their freak on.

You do trust your partner. But your confidence takes a dive when one of your ever-cynical friends goads you, saying: “It’s called ‘Sin City’ for a reason,” before adding, “and you know they’ll all make a pact that ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!’”


Cedric (Kevin Hart, centre) wants his friends, including Dominic (Michael Ealy) to have fun at their stag weekend

We want to know: How trusting are you? Would you be able to brush off your friend’s comments and have every faith that your partner would remain faithful to you while in Las Vegas? Or would doubts force you to confront your partner about your fears, or even ask them not to go? Tell us your thoughts!

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