Opposites attract?

This week marks the UK cinema release of the highly anticipated new film, Think Like A Man Too. As such, each day this week, we’ll pose a question inspired by the relationship-based comedy.

Dilemma four: Opposites attract?

Jeremy Kristen2

Kristen (Gabrielle Union) and Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) have very different personalities in Think Like A Man Too

You’ve been with your partner for two years. You always knew you were different people – you’re organised and like things done a certain way, while your partner is extremely laid back. But it’s your differences that give the relationship a real spark.

You debate passionately and enjoy great banter because you rarely share the same opinion – and both of you love how your contrasting personalities compliment each other.


But things hit a snag when you decide that your partner could benefit from being less relaxed about your life plans.

You want to get married and have children in the not so distant future. But your partner feels these things will happen ”in good time – what’s the rush?” Six months later, your partner still feels there’s no hurry for marriage or children.

We want to know: Would you stick with the relationship in the hope that your partner will come to share your desires? Or would you decide it’s time to move on? Tell us your thoughts!

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