Love vs. career: Which would you choose?

This week marks the UK cinema release of the highly anticipated new film, Think Like A Man Too. As such, each day this week, we’ll pose a question inspired by the relationship-based comedy.

Dilemma two: love vs. career

Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) on a date with Dominic (Michael Ealy)

Dominic (Michael Ealy) and Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) both face a career dilemma in Think Like A Man Too

Your relationship with a new love is going swimmingly. Despite having very different interests, you compliment each other beautifully and things are going well.

One thing you do have in common is that you’re both passionate about your respective careers. You’re determined to continue growing in your field and you’re delighted when the opportunity arises for a fantastic promotion.

The only problem is, you and your partner live in London and your potential new job is in New York.

Meanwhile, your partner’s career is also flourishing and he/she has been offered a brilliant opportunity in your hometown of London.

Both of you are torn as you know these are once in a lifetime career opportunities. But you also know that accepting these job offers and putting such distance between you, could spell the end of your relationship.

Love vs career

We want to know: Would you sacrifice your transatlantic job opportunity to stay in London with your partner? Or would you take the job and risk losing the love of your life? Tell us your thoughts!

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