You can’t stand your partner’s mum – what do you do?

This week marks the UK cinema release of the highly anticipated new film, Think Like A Man Too. As such, each day this week, we’ll pose a question inspired by the relationship-based comedy.

Dilemma one: the overbearing mother!


Jenifer Lewis plays an overbearing mother in Think Like A Man Too

You meet a man/woman and you get along really well. You go on several dates and the chemistry between you couldn’t be better.

As time goes on, you realise that your new man/lady if very close with his/her mother and soon enough, he/she asks you to meet the family matriarch.


You agree to meet said mother – and soon find that she’s cold and condescending towards you. Your partner later tells you not to worry about it – “that’s just how mum is.” But you struggle to bite your tongue as mummy-dearest dishes out one cruel/sarcastic jibe after another.

We want to know: Could you continue your relationship with your new found man/lady – who you really like and think you could be falling in love with – if you couldn’t stand his/her mother? Tell us your thoughts!


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