Don’t mess with my man!

Woman gives her boyfriend a t-shirt to warn off other women!


A British woman went to great lengths to ensure her boyfriend wouldn’t cheat on her whilst on holiday: she made him a t-shirt that warned other women to stay away from him!


Leon Connolly, 24 (below), was packing to go on holiday to Ibiza when his girlfriend Abbie Bartlett, 20, handed him a custom made t-shirt with the message ‘I love my girlfriend, I hate the girls in Ibiza, so please stay away from me’ emblazoned on the front.




The couple from Newcastle have a five-year-old daughter together and Bartlett insists that she trusts her boyfriend implicitly and that the t-shirt was “just a joke”.


But after pictures of Connolly wearing the t-shirt appeared online, some began describing Bartlett as jealous and possessive.


Additionally, Bartlett, a criminology student at Northumbria University, has also recognised that her boyfriend wearing the t-shirt in Ibiza may encourage women to try their luck with him, rather than repel them.



Ibiza is notorious for its ‘sun, sea and sex’ reputation


“Leon said he definitely will wear it in Ibiza now because he’s practically famous, but I think it might have the opposite effect,” Bartlett said. ‘Now that everyone has seen it online I think it might just attract loads of girls… some girls like a challenge.”


Still she remains confident that her boyfriend of six years, who is due to go to Ibiza this Friday, is trustworthy.


“I have absolutely no reason to be jealous or possessive because I know Leon would never cheat on me,” she said. “I had mentioned that I would make him a t-shirt but didn’t think I actually would.


“He saw the funny side of it because it is really just a joke. He and I have a really similar sense of humour.”


What do you think? Is giving your partner a t-shirt to warn off other men/women an act of jealousy or just a bit of harmless fun? Tell us what you think!


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