Ladies: Do you possess cheating qualities?

You might think that cheating isn’t a very smart thing to do. But according to a recent survey, many female cheaters are well educated and career focused.


Recent findings from Victoria Milan, a leading social network for men and women seeking a secret affair, showed that the typical British female cheater is 34 years old, has university qualifications (55%) and is career focused.


Businesswoman taking notes at her desk


She also has an honest, jolly and passionate personality; she loves travelling, dining out and enjoys music, the site claims.


In addition, the website’s female members were asked for the top five things they seek from their lover. The results were as follows:




“Most British females who are cheating on their significant other are not shy about saying why they are straying,” said Victoria Milan founder Sigurd Vedal.


“Their partners simply are not giving them what they want and need in the bedroom.”


Unsatisfied woman


But despite not having their sexual needs met by their husbands, most of the site’s female members wouldn’t consider divorcing their husbands.


“It’s a fact that 76% of our female members would never consider divorce as an option,” Vedal said.


Finally, the survey also showed where most of the UK’s female cheaters can be found. Apparently, Manchester, London and Liverpool are the cities where you will find the UK’s most unfaithful women, while the ladies least likely to cheat live in Cambridge, Bristol and Brighton.


UK cheating hotspots


What do you make of these findings? Tell us what you think!


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