What reggae classic are these lyrics taken from?

With a career spanning over 40 years, the artist in question boasts a smooth and soulful voice and is celebrated for a plethora of romantic reggae love songs – including the classic hit that these lyrics (below) are from.


Music 1


One of Jamaica’s best-known and most respected crooners, said singer was awarded the Order of Jamaica by the country’s government last year, in recognition of his exceptional and dedicated contribution to the Jamaican music industry.


Any guesses?


It is veteran reggae singer Beres Hammond, who celebrates his 59th birthday today.




Influenced by American soul and jazz, as well as Jamaican ska and rocksteady, Hammond began taking part in local talent contests in the early 1970s. In 1975, he joined the band Zap Pow as the lead singer, but later went on to pursue a solo career.


In 1985, he formed his own record label, Harmony Records and released the album Make a Song, which spawned the hits Groovy Little Thing and What One Dance Can Do.




Some of his other hits include I Feel Good, They Gonna Talk, Tempted to Touch and the classic track There For You, which is the song our featured lyrics are taken from.


One of reggae’s biggest stars, here’s wishing Beres Hammond a very happy birthday.


Beres new 


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Beres Hamond – There For You

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