Who was voted top celebrity holiday partner?

In a recent survey, participants were asked to pick which celebrity they would most like to go on holiday with – and a certain pop princess got the highest votes.


The survey, conducted by travel site CheapHolidayLand.com asked site users to name the star they would like to share a break with and the majority of respondents gave their vote to a well-known Caribbean songtress, citing her Instagram posts of her fun holiday getaways as the reason she’d make a good holiday partner.


Any guesses who it is?


That’s right, the top spot went to global star Rihanna, who 21% of the participants said they’d love to go on holiday with.


Rihanna 1


“I would absolutely love to go on holiday with Rihanna, she always uploads photos to Twitter and Instagram of her getaways and they look incredible,” one participant said of the Bajan beauty.


“It doesn’t matter where in the world she is though, she always looks like she’s having fun and that’s definitely the kind of person you need to go on holiday with.”


Rihanna 2


Coming in second was reality TV star Kim Kardashian (below), who got 19% of the votes.


Kim Kardashian new

Former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan (below) took third place, receiving 16% of the votes.


Michelle Keegan new 


Here are the results in full:





Which celebrity would you most like to go on holiday with and why? Tell us your thoughts!


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