Men can’t keep up in the bedroom?

Women have long been stereotyped for using the headache ‘excuse’ when looking for a reason to avoid sex with their partner. But according to a recent survey, it’s men who are failing to satisfy their wives/girlfriends in the bedroom.

In 2013 and again this year, controversial dating company Victoria Milan – a dating website for attached people who are looking to cheat – asked its members about their sexual habits.

The results this year, gathered from 4,746 cheating males and 2,456 cheating females showed that 77% of women are looking for sex outside their relationship, while 72% of men wanted the same.


The figures differ greatly in comparison to last year, where 81% of men and 58% of women surveyed said they were looking for sex outside their relationship.


The drastic rise in women seeking a bit on the side could suggest that men just aren’t keeping up in the bedroom, as only 19% of the cheating women surveyed said their long-term partner is able to keep up with their sex drive.

Perhaps reggae singer I-Wayne said it best when he crooned: “One man can’t satisfy her, she needs more wood for the fire…”


CEO and founder of Victoria Milan Sigurd Vedal, said women have been awakened sexually, but they are not being satisfied at home.

“It’s men who are using the ever-convenient ‘headache’ excuse at bedtime now,” Vedal said. “Women are making sexual demands, and their partners just can’t keep up. Ladies are becoming more and more resourceful in making sure their needs are fulfilled.”

What do you make of these findings? Do you think women have become more sexually demanding in recent times, or have men and women always shared the same desires when it comes to sex? Tell us what you think.

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I-Wayne Can’t Satisfy Her:

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