Who wants a bad boy?

British singer Alexandra Burke (below) famously sung about them, admitting “even though I know they’re no good for me, it’s the risk I take for the chemistry.” And according to a popular dating coach, bad boys really are all the rage.



Alexandra Burke


If you tuned in to This Morning on ITV earlier today, you may have caught UK dating coach Kezia Noble giving her thoughts on the type of men single women are looking for. And according to her, women want fellas who are “damaged goods.”


Endorsing the well-known suggestion that women like bad boys, Noble (below), who is a dating expert for men, said: “[Women are] looking for men with flaws. Women like to fix guys; they like to have a challenge.


Kezia Noble


“If a guy’s too perfect, he can come across too nice. That doesn’t create much of a challenge for the woman. So although women might say ‘I’m looking for my Mr Perfect’, they actually want the guy who’s got the damaged goods a little bit, because it’s more interesting… If he’s a shy, apologetic guy coming from a needy place, it’s not going to be so attractive.”


Nice guy


The relationship coach and author of the book The Noble Art of Seducing Women added that “imperfection” can be an attractive quality because “people want a purpose, a challenge and a role when they find their partner… That’s why women go for bad boys.”


However, Noble acknowledged that this is less applicable to the more mature woman, saying that it’s “younger women [aged] 18-25, 30” who tend to like bad boys “so they can mould him into what they want. It’s the challenge.”


What do you think? Is there any truth in the theory that women like bad boys or does everyone want a good, decent partner at heart? Tell us what you think.


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