Would you be happy to punch above your weight?

A newly married British couple recently hit the headlines after the groom won a competition titled Punching Above Your Weight.


After years of being teased for his appearance in comparison to that of his girlfriend Kate, Darren Donaghey (pictured with Kate, below) from Newcastle upon Tyne decided to turn the situation to his advantage by entering the competition launched by Radio Metro.


Darren Kate


“For years I’ve had stick about how I managed to woo Kate,” Donaghey said. “It’s not unusual to be out together and other guys to innocently start chatting Kate up, thinking that I couldn’t possibly be with her.”


He added: “Even when we are out shopping at Asda I get these funny looks from blokes and I know what they are thinking.”


Donaghey won the competition in March and the couple married last Sunday (August 10) in Northumberland. As part of their competition prize, they won a two-week honeymoon in Greece, which they will enjoy in September.


Despite the ‘beauty and the beast’-type jibes Donaghey is used to receiving, the couple have been together for the past eight years and have a two-year-old son together.


Of her husband, Mrs Donaghey said: “People say love is blind and I guess I must be a prime example to that, but to me, Darren really is my Prince Charming. I love Darren dearly and as most people know, looks aren’t everything. We joke about it all the time.”


The story got us thinking about male celebrities who have been accused of punching above their weight.


Jay Z has long been the victim of endless jibes about his looks, with many questioning how the rapper was able to woo wife Beyoncé, who is celebrated for her good looks and sex appeal.


Jay Bey 


Similarly, when R&B starlet Christina Milian began dating and then wed Terius Nash, better known as The Dream, many remarked that the chubby producer was punching above his weight.


The Dream Christina Milian


And it’s not just guys that are the victims of abuse about their looks. Former Xscape singer Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle is often branded unattractive in comparison to her rapper husband T.I.


TI Tiny


And remember back in 2007 when R&B star Usher married his now ex-wife Tameka Foster? The stylist faced so much abuse – many called her ugly, while others ridiculed the relationship because she was seven years older than her spouse – that she hit back, accusing fellow black women of self-hate.


Usher and Tameka


“We [black women] don’t like ourselves,” Foster said in an interview with Essence magazine. “If I were Hispanic, Usher would have the sexiest wife alive. If I were mixed, he’d have the sexiest wife alive. But he has a black girl, and it’s like, ‘She’s horrible and she’s ugly!’”


What do you think? Is beauty only skin deep? Is love really blind? Are looks unimportant to you when it comes to true love, or is physical appearance a key factor in finding your ideal partner? Tell us what you think.


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Enjoy this funny sketch about punching above your weight!



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