Meagan Good: proud to be the submissive wife

Recognised as one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses, it’s not hard to imagine Meagan Good as a dominant force in her relationship.

But since marrying her preacher husband DeVon Franklin in June 2012, the US actress, who celebrates her 33rd birthday today, has been open and outspoken about life both as a Christian and a submissive Christian wife.

Famed for roles in films including Think Like A Man and You Got Served, Good recently spoke about being submissive in her role as a wife, admitting that while the concept once scared her, she now embraces it wholeheartedly.

“I was really always afraid of marriage; I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’” Good told Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9. “The whole idea of submitting just freaked me out.

“Then, when I met the right person, where submitting meant something totally different than what I thought it meant – it meant that I was his partner, that I was his backbone, that he actually cares about my opinion and that he actually seeks my advice – it just changed my whole entire perception of it.


“He really is my partner in purpose. He really is like my ride-or-die and I’m his ride-or-die.”

What do you make of the idea of a woman being submissive to her husband? Is it a sexist and outdated notion or one that makes for a happy marriage? And what is submission? Can it be whatever you want it to be? Tell us what you think.

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