Happy anniversary Rudi Lickwood!

British comedian Rudi Lickwood celebrates his seventh wedding anniversary today! The award-winning comic has been happily married to his wife Jennifer since 2007 (the couple on their wedding day, pictured below) and he remains very much in love, stating earlier that he loves his spouse “more than ever.”

Rudi wedding

As such, we asked Rudi for his top tips for newly married men on how to achieve wedded bliss – and unsurprisingly, the much-loved funnyman was in comedy mode as he gave us his insight. Cheers Rudi!

Rudi Lickwood’s top tips for married men

1. Compromise means one must agree with everything she says.

2. Never forget birthdays, anniversaries or any arrangements that she makes.

3. Flowers can’t beat a heartfelt ‘sorry’.

4. Make sure you love shopping.

5. If she say’s she needs some space, never say ‘well go in the garden!”

6. My last tip to a man when he gets married is he has to become all things in order to make his wife happy: A friend, companion, lover, father, electrician, plumber, carpenter, mechanic, decorator, pest exterminator, organiser, a good listener, have a sympathetic ear, a stylist, a healer and a psychologist!

Many congratulations to Rudi and Jennifer – here’s to many more years of wedded bliss.

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