Spotlight on Wendy: Is cheating forgivable?


US talk show host Wendy Williams turns 50 today. In her career, she’s earned a reputation for unearthing celebrity gossip and scandal, but in 2001, she experienced her own drama when she discovered her husband Kevin Hunter, was cheating on her, just months after the birth of their son.

The infidelity was well-documented, not least by Williams herself, who revealed the story in her 2001 autobiography, Wendy’s Got The Heat.

But it was over a decade later that the media guru sparked controversy when she reflected on her husband’s cheating. In an interview with VLAD TV in 2013, Williams, who forgave her spouse’s infidelity, said she didn’t regret sticking by him and encouraged anyone who stayed with a cheating spouse to forgive them.

“The best advice that I can give is that if you’re the one who was cheated on, whether you decide to stay or leave, forgive and forget either way,” she said.

Perhaps more surprising was Williams’ advice to those doing the cheating.

“For people who do cheat, unless you are cold busted, take it to your grave.”

Unsurprisingly, many were stunned that the seemingly confident star would not only forgive such a betrayal, but that she would also urge cheaters to keep their infidelity a secret.

What do you think? Is cheating a deal breaker for you in a relationship? And if your partner was cheating, would you prefer not to know? Tell us what you think.

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