Forest Whitaker: Behind every great man…


Celebrated actor Forest Whitaker celebrates his 53rd birthday today. And as we all know the saying ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’, here are a few facts about Forest and his lovely wife Keisha.


* They first met on a movie set for the action thriller Blown Away. Ironically, Keisha was cast as Forest’s girlfriend. They soon began dating.

* The couple married in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1996.

* They have two daughters together, Sonnet born in 1996 and True born in 1998.

* Both Forest and Keisha have a child from a previous relationship. Forest has son Ocean and Keisha has daughter Autumn.

* Keisha once said of Forest: “I had seen him in [the film] A Rage in Harlem. Right away, I thought Forest had a gentle soul and a nice spirit.” Of her marriage she said: “What makes a good partnership or marriage is when you support one another.”

Nothing like true love, eh? If you’re looking for romance, join today.

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