Sex on the first date makes women unattractive?



A woman who sleeps with a man on the first date will be considered “50 per cent less attractive to him” the morning after, claims a new book.


In her new book The Untold Story, Interviews With Men, life coach and writer Linda Joyce says that men will not embark on a long-term relationship with a woman if she sleeps with him on the first date.


“Men want to work for you, it makes them feel strong,” Joyce told Mail Online. “My research shows that while a lot of men won’t necessarily judge you for sleeping with them on the first date, there’s no way they’ll have a long-term relationship with you or take you home to meet their mother.”


R&B singer Trey Songz, pictured below, lamented on the issue in his song First Date Sex, crooning: “First date sex/ that don’t make you a groupie to do me/ girl, we both know we grown.”



But according to Joyce, no matter how a man attempts to compliment his date or convince her that a night of passion on the first date won’t make him think less of her, she won’t be so attractive to him the next day.


“Men are blinded by lust, it’s their drug,” she says. “Your evening together could be full of passion and lust and he may tell you you’re the greatest girl in the world but I can guarantee he will wake up and find you 50 per cent less attractive in the morning.


“He will wonder if you do that with every man,” Joyce continued. “He wants to feel special and not used.”


The controversial author, pictured below, interviewed hundreds of men to find out their views on love and dating, and said she was “amazed at how traditional men are.”



Having developed a seemingly sympathetic attitude towards men’s feelings, Joyce believes that it’s women who are often at fault in relationships with their unrealistic expectations.


“Women live in a fantasy world. Women want men to rescue them but they can’t. We want them to be emotional but they just can’t be, end of.”


Sharing her thoughts on what she believes men find unattractive in a woman, she said: “He doesn’t like slutty dresses, nor heels we can’t walk in and he absolutely hates desperate women.”


The radical love guru also believes that women are often to blame when their men cheat.


“They [men] cheat because women don’t make him feel like a man and then they shut down. Women try and over feminise their men so they cheat. They’re not angry at their wives but angry at themselves for letting a woman try and change them,” she said.


She adds: “Men are very good at compartmentalisation. They can have their wife and family in one box and their lover in another. Extra-marital sex is a release for men, not a betrayal.”


So, in short, Joyce believes that women often drive men to cheat; sex on the first date makes a woman unattractive; and women live in cloud cuckoo land with their expectations of men.


Is she right or totally deluded? Tell us what you think!

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  1. autosoma says:

    Its the opinion of the man and not the behaviour of the woman. Ten years ago I slept with my wife on our first date, never cheated, been together from that moment onwards. So it should be seen on a case by case basis, not a sweeping generalisation

    1. Jase says:

      I think it depends on how long you’ve know the woman. Meeting a woman in a club and sleeping with her on the same night, is different from an arranged date with somebody you may have spoken/emailed before. I wouldn’t call back a woman I had slept with if I’d just meet her, but wouldn’t feel the same if it was outside of the nightclub environment.

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